Sexting Storyline: High School Student Confronts her Mistake

These are two screenplay scenes about a female in high school, whose ex-boyfriend “sexted” naked pictures of her throughout the school.  In the first scene, the female confronts her mother, and in the second scene, her best friend.  I was inspired by Professor Kalm’s tweet, referring me to a new Canadian campaign against youth sextingI’ve also been watching a handful of Lifetime movies lately, and couldn’t help but envision these scenes as Lifetime-esque.




ANNABELLE stands alone in her kitchen.  While leaning against the counter, she reminisces about her day at high school.

(To herself) Why me, God?
Why me?  Why did you do
this to me?

Annabelle covers her face with her hands and begins to sob uncontrollably.  During Annabelle’s breakdown, her mother, LISA, returns home from work.

Annabelle! What’s wrong!?
Don’t cry. What happened?

Mom, go away. I’m fine.

Tell me what’s wrong. I can
try and help.

In efforts to comfort her daughter, Lisa grabs Annabelle’s hand.

Sweetie, tell me.

Annabelle takes a deep breath, and walks over to the kitchen table.  Sobbing, she looks up at her mother.

Promise you won’t be mad
at me?

Yes, Anna.

Okay.  So you know how Chris
and I just broke up right?

Is that what this is about?
Two years is a long time, but
things will get better.  It may
hurt now, but I promise everything
will be okay. When I was….

Annabelle suddenly interrupts Lisa.

Mom, it’s not even about
that.  While Chris and I were
dating, I sent him pictures
of myself.  I mean, he sent me
pictures too, but I didn’t
save them.

What are you talking about?
Pictures of what?

Naked pictures, Mom.  I know
a lot of people who’ve sent
them before.  Nikki, our
neighbor, sends them to her
boyfriend, Ralphie, all the time.

That doesn’t make it okay, Anna!
You can’t just send out pictures
of your naked body!  Do you have
any idea what Chris can do with
those pictures?  How many people
will see them?  What about your

Disappointed, Lisa begins to raise her voice.  Annabelle can actually see a vein protruding from Lisa’s forehead: her telltale sign of anger.

I can’t believe you’d do
something like that!  I never
thought you could be so irresponsible!
This is the reason you’re crying!?

Annabelle, distraught from her mother’s reaction, steps back.  Knowing that she had no other option but to confess the truth, she prepared herself by taking a deep breath.

No, mom.  That’s not why I’m
upset.  I’m upset because I
started liking Chris’s friend,
Jackson.  When Chris found out,
he got jealous and started
sending the pictures to everyone
in school, including Jackson.
Now everyone in my classes have
seen them and no one will talk
to me.  They’re constantly calling
me names like “slut” and “skank.”
I don’t know what to do.

Shocked, Lisa begins to leave the room.

I’m sorry, Anna, but I can’t
handle this right now.  Let me
think about it and we can talk

Annabelle notices tears in her mother’s eyes.

So I’ve become a failure to you?
I made a mistake, mom.

Lisa shakes her head and wipes a tear from her eye.

Yes, you made a mistake, Anna.
But you’re 17-years-old.  I
thought you knew better than


Lisa leaves the room.


Annabelle finally gets hold of her best friend, MAYRA, to discuss the situation.  Mayra, a social butterfly (to say the least), had just arrived home from an evening out, earlier that afternoon.  Annabelle arrived to find a sleeping Mayra, who was unenthused about being awoken.

Mayra, wake up.  I have to talk
to you.

Anna, get out of here. I don’t
want to talk about your sex

Mayra groans, rubs her forehead and turns to lie on her side, her back facing Annabelle.

C’mon, Mayra.  I don’t know
what to do. (Crying) I can’t
go to school.  Chris won’t
talk to me.  My mom is crying.
Please.  Help.

I’m sorry.  You’re right.

Mayra turns over in her bed and faces Annabelle, who continues to cry.

Have you talked to Chris?
I’m sure if a teacher or something
at school knows about these
pictures they can help you.  Maybe
you should go to the police.

I’ve seen things like this on TV
Chris is a minor too, so he can’t
be charged with anything serious.
And he’s saying that his best
friend, Ryan, went into his phone
and sent the mass-text. And the
school already thinks I’m a big

It’s hard, Anna, but you have to
stay strong.  Not everyone
thinks of you badly.  You and
Chris were dating for two years,
so if anything, he made himself
look like an asshole.  Not you.

Mayra rises to hug Annabelle.

I didn’t think someone I was with
for two years would send these
pictures to other people. I
trusted him. And now, I have to
deal with it.  Not him.  I wonder
how he’d like it if I sent pictures
of him around the school.

Don’t stoop to his level.  You’re
gunna make each other look even
more immature.  But this just
goes to show that you can’t
ever trust someone fully.
You’re not married.  Just
‘cause something is going
good one day doesn’t mean it
can’t change. And when someone
has a nude picture, there’s
no telling what they’ll do with

You’re right.  But what should I
do now?  Should I make up a story?
Should I try to fix things with Chris?

Don’t bother.  Chris is an asshole
and everyone will realize it in
time.  As for now, just promise
me you’ll never make this mistake
again, okay?

I promise.


  1. Awesome work Escapist. I really enjoyed the rising tension of every scene and the hopelessness that pervades both conversations—the writing shows and stays away from telling the story (which is a major component of screenwriting) I truly felt bad for Anabelle. I can only imagine what I would do in such a situation. Great work! My only comment is that I felt it sort of ended abruptly. Were you going to add more to the resolution? I understood that there was a glimmer of hope at the end, but I felt that something more concrete could have been introduced to appease the audience.

    • Thanks for the feedback! Not to be dark, but I didn’t want there to be a glimmer of hope at the end. I agree that it ended rather abruptly but I felt there was so much to a situation like that, that if I were to continue, it would have dragged on. I wanted the message to be dark. That if you make the mistake of sending nude photos, it can come back to haunt you. Although Anabelle was seen as a victim here, I also wanted the reader to see her sadness, and the consequences of her mistakes.

      Thanks again!

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