1. I really liked this piece. It kept bringing up the idea of profile pictures. I do remember at the onset of joining FB that my friends would just paste any old picture up there. But then I started to notice that the profile pictures became more elaborate and somewhat staged. It seemed like they were trying to outdo one another. Who can look cooler in this little frame? Hell, if you look at my profile picture on FB, you’d get a laugh, cause it’s me wearing these dark sunglasses in a picture that I took of myself. My wife is like “What is that? Are you trying to look cool?” That pretty much sums it up, ‘trying to look cool.’

    The funny thing is, I don’t even know what to change it to. I am so lost as to how to present myself to the rest of the world.

    And I think there is something else. I first started using FB because I wanted to connect with my high school classmates. I moved far away and it has been many years since I last saw them. It’s like a high school reunion of sorts, you want to present yourself to friends whom you haven’t seen in years as a well-adjusted and successful person. I believe that is why some of these people take on these personas on FB.

    Thanks for this piece, I knew nothing about this until I read it here.

    • I’m glad my post helped you to learn something new!

      The facebook dilemma is always something that appears on my newsfeed. It’s funny, because now I’ve started to notice different trends that correlate with different age generations. My brother and his 16-year-old friends, my generation and older generations all have trends that are visible in their photos.

      But you’re right. We all want to appear “cool” or fantastic or interesting to people we barely know. It’s human nature, in a sense. It doesn’t paint an accurate portrait, but can we even really help it?

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