Kut off Kids Mobile Application Proposal

In the world of the modern teenager, anybody who’s anybody owns a cell phone.  And if you don’t, you’re missing out.  But aside from just a social tool, cell phones have a REAL purpose– safety.

 When teens are given cell phones, they are granted free range to communicate with new people from different areas. Teens may say they’re going to the mall, but realistically travel downtown. Sally may claim to be sleeping at Amy’s, but realistically be at Ryan’s. If these issues sound like your concerns, than Kut off Kids is the app for you.

 Kut off Kids is a new mobile application and safety tool that parents can use to track their child’s whereabouts. For just $2.99 a month, the app allows parents to create safety zones and danger zones for their child’s cell phone. If a child ventures to an unwarranted area, or a “danger zone,” the phone will immediately cease all communication activity aside from contact with their guardian. Your teen will be unable to text, call or utilize social media until returning to a safe zone. It will also provide you with a daily report of your child’s whereabouts, regardless of danger zone breaches.  With Kut off Kids, you’ll become the world’s smartest parent. Your child will have no way of knowing the application is in use, and you won’t need to tell them!

Kut off Kids will initially receive its funding after the K.O.K. official website is unleashed. Here, interested consumers can learn more about the mobile application, its capabilities and the story behind K.O.K.’s development. The site will ask for donations to get the project started and will reach out to organizations associated with teen safety for help. Over the course of six months, while K.O.K is in development, a social media campaign will be conducted for publicity purposes. K.O.K. will join popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach large groups of people.  After the application is developed, 10 cents of every subscription will be donated to the organization that most contributes to K.O.K.’s development. The application will be available for purchase in the mobile application store associated with the user’s cell phone.



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