Alternative Publishing Plan

As a prospective journalist, I have an appreciation for hard news. There is nothing more informative than watching the news to discover what’s going on in the world. However, when it comes to my WordPress, particularly the Wikipedia post, I cover issues pertaining to lifestyles. Online dating profiles are a human interest topic, differing far from breaking news. People read these lighter pieces for entertainment purposes, to break up the monotony or enlighten themselves of social changes.

One of my favorite news sources is the Huffington Post, which covers everything from breaking news to dating, healthy eating and celebrity scandals. The site itself, however, does not accept articles from readers. News tips and article ideas are accepted via e-mail, but the stories are written by reporters. If I were to produce an article for this site, however, it’d be approximately 500 words and include a list of tags and possibly a photo slideshow. I would use a conversational writing style, perhaps intertwining personal experiences into the work. Several reporters for the Huffington Post incorporate themselves into their articles, doing so to connect directly with the reader.

I would also aim to publish this Wikipedia post on Cosmopolitan Magazine’s website. Since Cosmo attracts women ages 18 to 35-years-old, the online dating profile topic would fit perfectly. Cosmo does not provide a submission guideline but it does specify how to format proposed articles. Obviously, the article needs to be structured similarly to typical Cosmo posts. suggests writing “in a style that would suit Cosmopolitan,” as previously stated, “with trendy words, and evidence of knowledge about the world of fashion-minded young women.” This site also suggests including the word count and the column that one wishes to publish under.

I would really enjoy writing for mediums like the Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan. Although I like to write hard news pieces, such as crime news, I also enjoy writing lighter pieces. They’re amusing to read and don’t require your undivided attention. These are the sorts of articles I’d read at the gym or on my work break, while trying to unwind. The more serious pieces are reserved for a rainy day and my direct attention. My Wikipedia post would reach the demographics of both the Huffington Post and Cosmopolitan, covering similar criterion to previous articles. Human interest is also the subject area covered by these mediums.


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