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I had a lot of fun toying around with this assignment. Although the content below does not match the description of my blog, it certainly speaks of my aspirations for the future. My goal is to become a travel journalist, at least for a few years, and travel the world exposing the beauty of culture, people and movement. I’ve always longed to publish books, and a great deal of my inspiration is derived from Chuck Palahniuk’s writing style. If you haven’t yet, I suggest you check him out.

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October 3, 2015 – The official site of Escapist Theory, American author and travel journalist. Contains discussion boards, writer’s workshops, photo galleries, travel map and more.
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Escapist Theory (born on May 3, 1991) is an American author and travel journalist who describes her work as “enlightening” and “cultural.” Releasing her first novel in 2018, Escapist Theory travels the world striving to uncover the hidden substance of culture and people.

Escapist Theory (Travel Journalist) – Trek the Globe
Escapist Theory is a travel journalist that focuses her journey on remote areas of South America, Australia, Europe and Asia. Reporting on unique customs and cultures, Escapist Theory sheds light on aspects of civilizations that most of us overlook.
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July 24, 2019 – About Escapist Theory – Escapist Theory is an American fiction novelist and travel journalist of Europe, Australia, South America and Asia. Her love of exploration has led

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September 7, 2019 Exploring the world, one step at a time.

The latest from Escapist Theory (@__escapisttheory). Broaden your perspective, learn to appreciate your surroundings, write with vigor, don’t be sorry.

Escapist Theory Explores Abandoned Mining Field in Croatia – Finds Unusual Paraphernalia
December 13, 2018 – Escapist theory comes across unusual drug paraphernalia in a 1800 abandoned mining field in Croatia. Paraphernalia is suggestive of early steps toward eliminating hysteria that coincides with prolonged exposure to mining dust.
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Escapist Theory Talks About Empowering Women’s Intelligence
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  1. Escapist Theory I wanted to say “thank you” for your notes on my last post, and I also wanted to say “great job!” on this post. It seems that you have a clear picture of your future goals. Interestingly enough, I noticed after I finished my assignment that you decided to do a humanitarian post about yourself at the very end. I also intend to help those around me should I ever make it big time. I would offer constructive criticism if I felt your piece needed it, but I don’t feel it needs any.

  2. What a fun thing to want to do with your life! I struggled a great deal with this assignment trying to find a balance b/t my voice and my future endeavors. There isn’t one, so I chose to leave my blog name out of my search by making up a company name. This may be something to consider in your rewrite of this to make it reflect a real name within the searches. Unless you’re planning on going by a pseudonym in the future. Escapist Theory would certainly go well with traveling and getting away! I like that you included multiple searches. I may consider doing this in my rewrite 🙂

  3. Well done Escapist. I see a lot of improvement and effort.

    First, your resumes. You have a good, concise personal resume. What I like to see here is an impression at a glance. This usually has to do with focus and keywords. Communications, media, journalism – I see a few of these repeated enough that I understand your focus. You could tighten up your descriptions…

    The Social Media Intern launched a social media campaign for vendors participating in “Fun Girl’s Night Out.” FGNO is a woman’s event that attracts between 1,000 and 2,000 attendees. The venders advertise goods and services such as jewelry design, waxing, vacationing, massages, nail and spa, and more. The social media campaign advertised the vendors, the event and associated promotions on Facebook and Twitter. The campaign was structured to attract women between the ages of 18 and 50 to FGNO.

    “Launched social media campaign for local event, “Fun Girl’s Night Out.” Publicized vendor and event promotions on Facebook and Twitter. FGNO attracts 1,000 to 2,000 women between the ages of 18 and 50. Vendors advertised goods and services such as jewelry design, vacations, and spas.”

    You spelled vender and vendor differently. They are both correct, but keep it consistent.

    You call yourself the Publishing and Photography Intern for WWE Kids Magazine and then say you also worked for the adult magazine. Which is it?

    “Publishing Intern for WWE
    Assisted with World Wrestling Entertainment’s websites and magazines. Researched and edited photos for the adult magazine. Wrote and edited content for the kids magazine and website.”

    Your “new resume” is fun. I am more interested in the practical than the fantasy however. Dreaming is fun – first novel in 2018 – but we want to put foundations under those clouds. What is the title of that novel? You want to be a travel writer soon? Then why are you writing about texting and relationships? You are doing a fine job of it, but keep in mind that you can change your focus if you think of a better one.

    I think of all writing as travel writing, because the best writing takes us elsewhere and the best writers are looking elsewhere. The new resume gives you the opportunity to focus further. Think of specifics and unique content. Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia – yeah, yeah, yeah. What else? What are your article headlines? The NY Times article is your best entry because it is specific. I want more of that. Use some of those great theses and questions you’ve been tweeting.

    The Disappearing Act: A Travel Blog by The Escapist…

    Poof: Ten things Americans can do to fade into a foreign land…

    The magic of Barcelona after dark…

    Dream about your specific content. Use your imagination, not to build castles and novels, but bricks and sentences.

    Good work.

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